Drake reacts to MTV's Hottest MC's ranking on new song '5AM in Toronto' (Audio)

By Gina DiFalco,

MTV has released their ‘Hottest MC’s’ list, which has stricken a chord with a lot of the rappers that made it.

First, Kanye West expressed his displeasure in ranking No. 7 on the list, while his G.O.O.D. Music compilation collaborator Big Sean ranked ahead of him. A$AP Rocky also voices his displeasure about his ranking.

Now, MTV reports that that Drake is calling out his No. 5 ranking on his new song “5AM in Toronto.”

There’s been a strong reaction on Twitter to Drake’s line in the song, which is thought to be a reference to MTV’s controversial list, “I made Forbes list, n---a f--- your list, everything's looking gorgeous.”

Some Twitter users have reacted to the song saying “Drake saw his spot on MTV's list and said F that, time to drop a new track?” and “Somebody go wake MTV brain trust up and let 'em know they overslept. They was supposed to be up by 5am in Toronto...”

Listen the song below:



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