Drake tips $50,000 at strip club

By Sarah McClanahan,

Drake and posse entered a strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina and released thousands of dollars on the floor for the dancers.

According to TMZ, this past Saturday rapper Drake dumped a cardboard box filled with $50,000 cash on the floor of Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Friend and fellow recording artist Bleu Davinci donated another $25,000 to the growing pile.

By the time the night was over, money literally carpeted the ground.

His motive behind the display is unclear. Was it a publicity stunt? Or, is he sincerely trying to prove the lyrics from his latest single, “Started from the Bottom” are true?

As we previously reported, Drake emphasized the fact that success did not come easy for him. In fact, he used to work in a pharmacy to make ends meet.

Either way, Drake is not afraid to show he is now loaded, and is free to spend the money he has earned wherever and whenever he pleases.

Image: Tumblr



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