'Drop Dead Diva' star Kate Levering is pregnant

By Stephanie Kaplan,

Kate Levering, who stars in the show Drop Dead Diva, has announced that she and her CEO-fiance Reza Jahangiri are expecting their first child together.

Wetpaint reports that the actress said, “Reza and I are over the moon to be embarking on this next chapter together. It’s something both of us have wanted for quite some time now.”

The couple got engaged on New Year's Eve of 2012, and are planning to have a small and personal April wedding.

According to People, the couple, who will be first-timers in the parenting world, are trying to live a relaxed life. Levering shares, “We’re trying to be as laid back as we can about this pregnancy, so far it’s been really enjoyable. No over-analyzing, no freaking out. We figure there will be plenty of that to come in the future.”

Levering will start shooting for Drop Dead Diva soon – and get this – her character is pregnant as well! She jokes, “Life imitates art! I hope the writers take full advantage of the hilarities of pregnancy and make use of it in the story lines.” She added that she is grateful for not having to sport a false pregnancy bump.

Levering mentioned, “I say that now, we’ll see how I feel when I’m eight months pregnant, the size of a house, working 15-hour days in the Georgia heat!” Levering is expected to give birth sometime this August.

Image: Twitter



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