‘Elementary’ episode recap: 'Déjà vu All Over Again'

By Sari N. Kent,

We open on a title card saying it is six months ago.

Shoot to a woman spontaneously receiving roses on a subway platform from a man who claims his girlfriend canceled their date. Then he pushes the woman in front of a train.

Shoot to that night and we see Watson out with friends saying how she loves her new job as a sober companion and then she gets a call for a new client and she wonders what kind of name is Sherlock.

Shoot to the present. Watson is breaking into a fancy car. When she can't shut off the alarm we see she's in the car with Holmes’ sponsor, the former car thief turned security man. It turns out he's teaching her the “tools of the trade” to help out Holmes.

Shoot to Watson heading home and learning Holmes’ father is asking for his investigative help in return for the money he loaned him recently to pay off his old friend's kidnapper.

Shoot to Watson and Holmes heading off to an office, with bulletproof glass, to meet with a "shyster" attorney that Holmes’ father wants him to help. It turns out it's the attorney’s assistant Rebecca who wants help. She tells them that her sister Callie is missing.

Shoot to Rebecca showing them a video of Callie breaking up with her husband via video and Callie saying that she's going to go away for a little while. She adds that she was inspired by the woman who had been pushed in front of the train, saying life was too short to spend it with someone she didn't love. Rebecca then adds that Callie went missing a lot as she’s a fragile soul so she wasn't concerned at first. But then after weeks in which Callie didn't use her credit cards she got nervous. Rebecca then tells Holmes and Watson that she thought Callie’s husband forced her into making the video in order to kill her since they had a troubled relationship. Rebecca also mentions a missing trunk, one that would fit a body. Holmes disagrees that the video was fake and says that Callie wasn't under duress. Holmes wants Watson to take this case alone and says it would be a good since she clearly wanted to leave her husband. Holmes then decides that he wants to go after the subway pusher instead. Holmes leaves it to Watson to tell his father's friend that she's taking the case, not Holmes.

Shoot to Holmes looking at video of the subway pusher and starting to investigate. As does Watson. Neither have much to go on.

Shoot to Watson getting a call from one of her old friends, who she accidentally blew off for drinks. They make a new date.

Shoot to Watson going to speak to Callie's husband, Drew, who tells her that Callie was a complicated person and that she had left him briefly before but that time she called him and came back. Watson then asks him about their problems. He replied that he wasn’t sure since he was blindsided the first time. He then added that Callie seemed distant and depressed over the subway murder. Drew then swore again that Callie took the trunk. He then says that he wants her to come back, not so they can be together because he knows that they can't. Just to know that she's okay and to let her know that he wants her to be happy. Afterwards, Watson calls Holmes and agrees that Drew might have killed Callie. Later, Watson plays audio of the Drew’s interview from the police in which he said the same thing verbatim. Watson thinks it felt rehearsed. She also says that she just didn't like something about him. Holmes then asks if she wants him to tag along and she says not yet. Yet, she does ask him what his next step would be. Holmes then asks for the Drew’s phone number and thinks they should gaslight him. Holmes texts the Drew from an anonymous burner phone that he knows what he killed his wife and what he did with the body. He then tells Watson to watch Drew’s reaction.

Shoot to Holmes going to the police station to interview a suspect in his case. It’s a man who worked in the same office as the woman pushed in front of the train, he’s janitor. Holmes watched footage of that subway platform in earlier days and saw this man following the woman and taking secret video of her. Holmes learned the janitor has previous stalking priors. Then, Gregson comes in and they pressure him together. The guy then admits he was there, was in disguise but swears that he didn't kill her. He then said that he wore a hat and a scarf not the hoodie of the killer. It turns out he was recording that night and has proof that he didn't push her.

Shoot to Watson calling Holmes from her stakeout and Drew hasn't reacted to the text at all. Then, Alfredo comes to take over the stake out because he remembered that she made plans with her friend. Watson can’t believe she forgot again.

Shoot to Holmes noticing a street performer on the platform who stops mid-song and takes off. Holmes theorizes that the street performer knew the pusher.

Shoot to Watson meeting her friend, her other friends are there and they're a little surprised that she's working as a detective and were worried since she had fallen out of touch. They say they wanted to express a concern intervention-style and say that she seems lost. They then add they were surprised that she quit her job, moved in with a recovering drug addict former client, and were worried about her. Watson is kind of insulted actually and she doesn't really explain. Then, she takes off because Alfredo texts her that Drew was on the move.

Shoot to Watson and Alfredo following Drew and Watson sees him taking the infamous trunk out of storage. Watson then goes to investigate his car and the trunk while Drew goes back inside. But, Watson gets busted by the security guard. She then blurts out that the Drew killed his wife and that she could be in the trunk. The guard then asks Drew to open it up saying if he has nothing to hide it didn’t matter. Then, the cops arrive. Drew opens the trunk but it’s empty.

Shoot to Watson ending up in jail. Holmes bails her out. He then tells her that Drew told the cops that he sold the trunk out of spite and he that needed the money. So he bought it back to give it to Callie’s sister. Holmes commends Watson’s instincts and although she was wrong about the trunk it didn’t mean that she was wrong about Drew being a murderer. Holmes then proposes that they team up on both their cases.

Shoot to Holmes and Bell going to see the street performer, who claims he knows nothing about the subway pusher. Holmes pushes him and he then says he just knew the guy's face because they had a previous altercation and he was afraid the guy would retaliate. Holmes then asks about a patch on the pusher's jacket. He identifies it and they want to show it to the public.

Shoot to Gregson telling Watson that Drew would drop the charges if Watson will apologize and pay for the damages. Holmes tells her not to apologize. Watson replies that she's not like him and admits the confrontation with her friends. She then goes to apologize to Drew. Then, she goes to see Rebecca to tell her that she's going off the case, but notices a picture of Callie in a jacket with the pusher's patch on it. It turns out the jacket was the Drew’s.

Shoot to Holmes and Watson going over the links between the cases including that Drew was the subway pusher. They wonder why and why it affected his wife so much that she would leave him if she didn't know it was him? Holmes then prods Watson to stay with the case and not wallow in self-doubt.

Shoot to the cops bringing Drew back in, now on the subway pushing charge. He claims that he gave the jacket to Goodwill. But, Watson worked it out. She says the video was 18 months old, it was from the first time Callie had left him. It turns out that another woman with flowers had been pushed in front of a train around that time. So Drew gave a woman flowers and pushed her in front of train and then killed Callie and used the old video to explain her disappearance. Drew calls Watson insane and says that Watson wants him to be guilty.

Shoot to them looking through Callie’s emails and finding the original one with the video archived. Watson was right.

Shoot to Watson getting a call from her friend Emily, who says she was going to apologize for worrying about her. Then, she apologizes for doubting Watson since she's a reporter and was just assigned a story to write about the subway pusher guy.

Shoot to Holmes asking Watson to come downstairs and check out some files sent to him by a friend. He then says that he figured out who the murderer was in a matter of seconds and that he wanted to see how long it would take Watson. He then says that although she enjoyed a modicum of success today she shouldn't let it go to her head.

Shoot to Watson changing her job on her dating profile from "sobriety counselor" to "consulting detective."



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