Elin Nordegren dating coal mining billionaire?

By Steven Mitchell,

It seems that Tiger Woods' golf game has been improving of late and so has Elin Nordegren's, his ex-wife, dating game.

According to theExaminer, Elin Nordegren has been dating a coal mining billionaire since the holidays. The lucky man is 53-year-old Chris Cline from North Palm Beach.

The former Swedish model, 33, demolished and rebuilt a house on the same land that she and Woods shared before. Her house is right around the corner from Cline in the Seminole Landing community.

According to New York Post, Cline is reportedly worth $1.2 billion. The father of four children ended his last divorce back in 2000. It is said that he prefers to stay out of the headlines, but it looks like that isn’t happening here.

As for Woods, Page Six reports that things are heating up between him and skier, Lindsey Vonn.

It seems like things between Woods and Nordegren are not going to be reconciled since that moment over three years ago when Woods hit a fire hydrant with his car while leaving his house and was rumored to have been attacked by Nordegren with a golf club.

Woods, 37, won the World Golf Championships last Sunday with one of the best performances of his career. Woods and Vonn were seen leaving the Florida oceans after his victory.



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