Elizabeth Banks’s short film ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’ saved a woman’s life

By Markirah Shaw,
Banks meets the survivor on one-year anniversary of attack

The Hunger Games actress Elizabeth Banks met a heart attack survivor who lived because she had recognized the symptoms shown in Banks’s three-minute short film ‘Just a Little Heart Attack.’

Banks directed and starred in the film in October 2011. She worked in collaboration with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

In the video, a woman suffers a heart attack while in the middle of a hectic morning routine. She denies the attack until finally she lies down and calls 9-1-1, listing off the many symptoms, including nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, and a “terrible pressure in her chest.” She winces when the paramedics promise to come to her aid within two minutes, because her two young children have trashed the house.

One month after the film was made, Entertainment Tonight reported that Christie Thompson, 51, of Jefferson City, Missouri, survived a heart attack because she recognized the symptoms from Banks’s amusing, three-minute video that was forwarded to her in an email.

Thompson said, “Because of Elizabeth Banks's dedication to this wonderful film, I am alive today! I am extremely grateful for her commitment to making this short film funny and memorable so that women like me are able to get the message.” Thompson attended her daughter’s wedding three weeks after the heart attack.

On Tuesday, Banks gave Thompson some satisfying closure to her harrowing journey when she met the survivor in person. GoRedForWomen.org reports that Banks told her, “It’s amazing to have helped in any small way.”

Thompson is now a national spokesperson for the Go Red Women campaign, and Banks has continued to voice her support for the American Heart Association by tweeting: “She says my short film w/ @GoRedForWomen saved her life. Share #JustALittleHeartAttack w/ all the ladies in ur life.”



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