Football player Plaxico Burress' license reportedly suspended

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The athlete refused to pay money in damages to a woman who won a lawsuit against him, which is now resulting in a license suspension

Plaxico Burress, who recently signed a one-year $1 million contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has reportedly had his driver's license suspended by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to TMZ, the charge came after the athlete refused to pay a hefty court ordered bill.

Apparently, a woman named Alise Smith had sued Burress back in 2008 saying that while driving, he caused her to crash, which led to a neck and back injury. Smith won the case and Burress was then ordered to pay her $125,000 in damages.

However, The LA Times reports that after losing an appeal in January, Burress still did not pay Smith, so she requested for the DMV to take action – which then led to Burress' license suspension.

In order to have the suspension lifted, the star must either the pay the $125,000 or challenge the DMV.

While Burress has been on both the New York Giants and Jets, he also made nationwide headlines back in 2008 after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh with his own gun. His injuries were not life-threatening, but due to having an expired concealed weapon permit, as well as other criminal problems, was sentenced to two years in jail. He was released in June of 2011.



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