Former quarterback Steve Davis dies in plane crash

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Steve Davis, former quarterback for the University of Oklahoma, died in a plane crash Sunday at age 60.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Davis was heading for Tulsa on a Hawker Beechcraft jet.

The plane reportedly went down in South Bend, IN due to electrical problems.

Another passenger, 58-year-old Wesley Caves, also died in the crash. There were two other passengers who survived. Both were hospitalized, as was a woman on the ground.

Before his football career, Davis was an ordained Baptist minister who planned to have his own church someday.

"He is an exuberant, uninhibited, effective preacher in the old-time style who dresses informally and speaks without notes," Los Angeles Times writer Bob Oates wrote of Davis in 1974.

Davis, who came from a family of football players and dreamed since childhood of playing for Oklahoma, became renowned for his victories playing for the Sooners from 1973-1975. USA Today reported that Davis considered leaving Oklahoma before the 1973 season. He went on to win national championships for the team in 1974 and 1975.



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