Four shot and killed at upstate New York barber shop, car wash

By Daniel S Levine,

Four people are dead after two shootings in Herkimer County in upstate New York. A total of six people were shot during the incidents, which took place at a barber shop and a car wash.

WKTV reports that both people shot at Gaffey's Car Wash in Herkimer are confirmed dead. Two of the four shot at John's Barber Shop in Mohawk are confirmed dead.

The station reports that there was also a report of a fire in Mohawk before the shootings.

According to USA Today, local reports say that the suspect is still on the loose. Police describe him as a slender,white male, aged 50 to 60 with a white beard, in a flannel shirt and 5’ 11”. It’s possible that the suspect abandoned the maroon vehicle he drove to the locations.

The Herkimer Telegram reports that police had surrounded a jewelry store, believing he was there, but there were other reports that he left in a taxi.

The schools are on lockdown at the moment.



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