‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 3/11-3/15

By Sari N. Kent,
Sabrina finally told Patrick about her feelings for him, Todd laid his heart out to Carly who kissed AJ to throw Todd off, Connie revealed herself at the book launch and an anonymous benefactor sent a check to fund the Nurses’ Ball!

Sabrina called Patrick from the hospital and asked him to meet her. She worried this could be her last chance to tell him she likes him if she failed her test. Patrick arrived and Elizabeth and Felix make themselves scarce – until they nudged her on from afar. Before Sabrina could tell Patrick anything Epiphany arrived with her test results. She passed and Patrick hugged her. Epiphany congratulated her and assured her she would be looking into who might have framed her. Later, Sabrina told Patrick she never had a crush on Steve. It was always him. Elizabeth and Felix were shocked that she finally did it then Elizabeth rushed off to meet AJ.

Spinelli let himself into the Quartermaine estate. Tracy was ecstatic to see the recipe but he was reluctant to hand it over and wanted to make a copy first. She refused to let him leave with it and promised to make a copy but Spinelli decided he couldn’t betray Ellie and tried to rush off to her. Tracy stopped him and ordered Alice to take the recipe but Spinelli swallowed it instead. They tried to shake it out of him but it was too late and Tracy warned him that there would be hell to pay. Later, Alice found Spinelli’s actions romantic. Tracy was just glad they didn’t have the formula either.

AJ met Ellie in the lab but her recipe for Pickle-A-Lila was gone. He encouraged her to retrace her steps and told her to back up when she mentioned that Spinelli came and then left. AJ was sure Tracy hired him to steal the recipe but Ellie assured him that Spinelli was too honorable to steal from her. She looked around again but AJ stopped her and asked her to recreate it. She said she couldn’t because her only notes on the secret ingredient were on that piece of paper. AJ had to leave for a date but said he would return and she better have that recipe. Then, Spinelli arrived and admitted that he took the recipe before she even asked. He told he was ashamed, and he never gave it to Tracy. She then asked where the recipe was.

At home, Sonny wondered again about the broken mirror. Shawn showed up with TJ and Molly to talk about Connie. Molly told him about Connie taking the manuscript, that book was publishing today, with Connie’s naughty additions, and tonight was the launch party. Sonny told them Kate was gone but he knew she would want to make this right and went to the other room to call her. Molly thanked TJ for fighting for her. TJ encouraged her to enjoy her moment. Later, Shawn asked Sonny what happened with the mirror but Sonny said he wasn’t sure.

Connie let herself into Steve and Olivia’s place and deemed it a “dump.” She opened her compact and called for Kate, but Olivia suddenly emerged. Connie pretended she was Kate and that she was hoping Connie never came back. Olivia was in tears because she had to say goodbye to Steve today and said that he could spend years in prison. Connie comforted her but rolled her eyes behind her back. Connie then went on a mini rant and Olivia was concerned about her and Sonny. Then, Sonny called Kate and told her about Connie stealing Molly’s book and she agreed to call the publishers before going to treatment with him. “Everyone will get what they deserve,” Connie told Sonny. Later, Olivia was glad to hear things are good with Sonny. She then said that she didn’t know what she would do without Kate being there. Then, Connie suddenly rushed off.

Todd approached Carly at the Metro Court and told her the charges were dropped. He said he was free and ready to be with her if she would have him. He added that he knew she loved him, and he loved her. He understood that she was scared but if she took a chance on him she wouldn’t regret it. He then said that she was a mess, but less of a mess with him. “Who else would have us?” he asked her. She told him that he was saying all the right things but she couldn’t because she had moved on and was now with someone else…AJ, who had just walked in. She then grabbed AJ and laid a big kiss on him. Todd thought they are were old to play these games. Carly grabbed AJ again and starts making out with him just as Elizabeth showed up. Elizabeth ran off before anyone saw her. Todd didn’t believe for a second Carly would consort with her sworn enemy and demanded the truth. Then, AJ left to call Elizabeth and Carly assured Todd that she burns for AJ. "Pretty sure there's ointment for that," Todd replied. He thought she came to see him in his cell because she wanted him back and guessed this act now was because she really wanted to see him work for it. When AJ returned Todd asks him point blank if Carly was making it up. AJ told "Tad" that Carly may be a bottom-feeding tramp, but she was his bottom-feeding tramp and that he couldn’t get enough of her. He then grabbed all over her and smacked her butt. Todd still didn’t buy it and promised to prove it. Later, AJ wanted something from Carly in return. Outside, Todd called someone for help.

Book launch planner Agnes Chu barked at Milo to keep people out of The Floating Rib who weren’t on the guest list. Then she asked Mac to give his cheese balls some oomph, something more "roadhouse chic." He suggested cheese sauce and she agreed. Now she had everything but the author. TJ introduced Molly, the true author, to her but Agnes shooed them off. TJ then grabbed the microphone to set the record straight so Agnes called over Milo to throw them out. Alexis interrupted with threats of a lawsuit and when Connie arrived Alexis, thinking she was Kate, asked her to explain. Connie rushed to the stage and told everyone that the true author was her - Connie Falconeri! She then took off her coat, grabbed a drink and asked Milo to lose the shirt and escort Molly and crew out. Milo said he couldn’t do that because of Sonny. Later, Molly read a few sex scenes from the book to TJ and declared it porn. TJ didn’t seem to mind.

Sonny came by Olivia’s who was packing up Steve’s things. Sonny said he was looking for Kate to go to their integration treatment. Olivia told him that Kate was sharp with her earlier and he pressed for more details. She told him about Kate’s rant about men, but she chalked it up to stress. Sonny wasn’t so sure and thought maybe Connie was back in charge. Then, Shawn called Sonny and told him what was going on at the book launch.

Sonny showed up at The Floating Rib with Olivia. Connie pulled a marker out of her cleavage and signed a book for Sonny. She then demanded to know why he promised to protect her but then slept with Kate.

At the hospital, Sabrina told Patrick that she had always had a crush on him. But when she heard he lost his wife, she knew he wouldn’t be ready to go out with anyone, especially someone like her. He admitted that he never thought of her that way but was suddenly paged for surgery and rushed off. Then, Elizabeth showed up, ignored a call from AJ and told Sabrina what happened at the Metro Court. She called Carly the same slut she always was and that the kiss with AJ was just vintage Carly. She added that she would dismantle AJ’s life and then move on to someone else. Sabrina replied that she really thought AJ was one of the good guys. Sabrina then told Elizabeth what happened with Patrick. It wasn’t what she wanted to hear but she was glad she had done it because now she knew it couldn’t happen. Meanwhile, Epiphany asked Patrick what was on his mind and he revealed Sabrina’s crush on him. She asked what he said, then got mad when she heard he left her standing there. She told him that Sabrina had been crushing on him for months and she couldn’t believe he never caught on.

At the book launch for "Love In Maine" at The Floating Rib, Connie loudly demanded that Sonny tell her the truth. She asked him point blank, “When you slept with me, did you really wish it was Kate?” Olivia and Alexis looked uncomfortable in the background. Connie then took the stage and told everyone that that Molly was the actual author of “Love in Maine”, except for the hot stuff. She prefaced that was all her. She then rejoined Sonny and told him it was his turn. He replied that he’d tell her the truth if she left with him and she agreed. Meanwhile, Agnes dragged Molly off to meet her fans, who turned on her when they learned that she didn’t write the sex scenes. TJ defended her while Agnes encouraged Mac to give her a call if things didn’t work out with Felicia. Later, TJ showed Molly a mockup of the new cover and they kissed.

On their way to the sonogram, Dante joked with Lulu in the elevator that the baby would look like an alien. She joked back that this sonogram would be different. They saw Elizabeth at the nurse's station when they exited and noticed she was distracted. They asked her if she was okay. Meanwhile in the exam room, Britt suggested Maxie that get another OB, but Maxie refused to lose the patient and doctor privilege they share. She said that she was there for a sonogram and she was going to get it once Dante and Lulu showed up. Britt wondered what they were doing coming to the sonogram anyway considering they weren’t the baby's parents.

Starr poured herself a glass of wine at home and told Michael on the phone about her plans to eat Chinese takeout and catch up on "Reptile Wranglers." After she got off the phone the food arrived – delivered by Todd. He asked for her to help him get Carly to dump Michael’s dad. Starr was shocked but they were suddenly interrupted by Carly. Starr covered for her and assured Todd that Carly was indeed seeing AJ. Todd left and Carly admitted that wasn’t seeing AJ. Starr then told Carly she was ready to give Todd some payback.

In the lab, Spinelli chomped on antacid and assured Ellie that he was suffering for stealing and swallowing the recipe. But he would gladly suffer more if it meant she would forgive him. Then, Michael joined them and told tells him there was bad news regarding the recipe. Ellie explained how she found the molecular makeup of the secret ingredient, but that Spinelli ate it before she could determine what it was. He replied that he was “up to my esophagus in subterfuge,” but Ellie had an idea – surgical removal. After Spinelli’s refusal, she suggested an endoscopy instead.

At the Metro Court, Carly was grossed out about her make out session with AJ. He reminded her that he was the one doing her a big favor and now he wanted something in return. He told her that he wanted the name of the missing Quartermaine heir. She said that she would deliver him the news once this show for Todd was over, whether it took weeks or months. They pinkie swore and agreed to tell no one the truth. She then rushed off to do damage control. AJ called Elizabeth, but she ignored it.

At home, Sonny assured Connie he loved both her and Kate. Connie wished he could see that Kate wasn’t real but he disagreed. He told her that they needed each other and if she didn’t go to the doctor to get integrated, he wanted her to walk out the door forever. He added that he didn’t want her in constant war with Kate, worrying if she would take over. Connie replied that she was sure that she was stronger. He then asked her to prove it and come to bed with him. She was scared she would disappear but he thought integration would make her whole. He then said he would never abandon her, no matter what. Then, they held hands.

Britt then promised not to tell Lulu and Dante the truth, but wanted to be left out of it when it all came crashing down. Then, Dante and Lulu arrived and Britt administers the sonogram. Maxie looked sad while Lulu and Dante were overjoyed to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Lulu then told Maxie that they would forever be grateful. They left and Maxie asked Britt to see sonogram again. Later, Elizabeth accidentally directed Spinelli into Maxie’s room. His heart was warmed by the site of the baby but noticed Maxie was upset. She seemed to be about to tell him the truth when Ellie came in and gushed over how happy Dante and Lulu were. Later, Dante and Lulu thanked Britt for making it all happen. She said she gave all the credit to Maxie. Meanwhile, Michael asked Elizabeth about her date with AJ and she told him that he was too busy making out with Carly. Michael was doubtful but when AJ arrived he confirmed Elizabeth’s story. She then stomped off.

Todd drank at the Metro Court alone. Suddenly, his daughter Danielle called to scream at him.

Kevin and Lucy arrived at the hospital for a Kevin’s follow-up after getting injured by Heather.

AJ reflected on hurting Elizabeth and showed up in the lab to check on Ellie and Spinelli’s success. Ellie explained what happened when Spinelli ate the recipe. AJ then said he was ready to move on to plan B to save ELQ. Spinelli then told them he had a way to get the recipe out of Ellie’s memory.

Felix discussed Elizabeth and Sabrina’s failing love interests in the break room. They decided to celebrate they were all nurses instead as Lucy walked in. She said that they had a lot to do since wasn’t called the Student Nurses’ Ball. She then told them she could get the ball rolling and started a meeting. Elizabeth had to step out and saw Kevin. At the elevator they bumped into AJ, Spinelli and Ellie. Spinelli introduced himself to Kevin and told that they needed his help and he left with him and Ellie. AJ wanted to talk to Elizabeth but she returned to the meeting where Felix and Sabrina had to explain to Lucy they no longer had funding. Lucy didn’t see a problem and produced a check and proclaimed, "We have the money." Lucy then explained that the check was from an anonymous donor.

Starr hurried Michael at the apartment. Michael was worried about AJ and told Starr that AJ was back together with Carly. Starr said AJ was lying and explained about Todd’s visit. Then she explained that she lied because Carly asked her too. She then told him that Todd was onto Carly.

Todd showed up at Carly’s looking for AJ. He asked Jocelyn about her mother and AJ. Carly ushered her out of the room to stop his donut bribing. Todd then asked her to take him back and he left when she rebuffed him. Later, she played with Jocelyn. Then, the doorbell rang and Carly found a delivery man dressed like an Easter bunny. He gave her balloons and a basket and said they we’re from “some Australian guy.” She told Jocelyn they were from her daddy and then called AJ.

Sam congratulated Molly at The Floating Rib. Molly then told Sam that she was worried about Rafe Jr. Sam made a call to find him and found out Rafe Jr. was gone from the group home he was placed in. Molly got upset and Sam called John, who confirmed that Rafe Jr. was with him. They then left The Rib to go see him. On their way, Sam bumped into Todd. He congratulated Molly on her book. Sam had a word with alone about him being free and that he might feel the same way as she did someday and left. Todd then talked to his daughter Danielle on the phone then sat at the bar with the delivery man dressed up as the Easter bunny. Todd asked if he set up Carly like he asked him to. The man confirmed that he did then left. Todd then took out his tablet and watched live footage streaming from Carly’s living room. There was a concealed camera in the bunny he had sent to Jocelyn. He saw AJ arrive. Todd had a hard time seeing and hearing what was going on as Jocelyn professed her love for bunny. Jocelyn then moved out of the way for Todd to hear that their relationship was a fraud.

Rafe Jr. showed up at John’s hotel room and told him that things got out of hand at the group home. John got ice for his injured eye. Rafe Jr. explained that the kids were making fun of his mom. He started throwing punches and then left. John wanted to take him back to report the incident but Rafe Jr. replied that he wasn’t going back. They discussed options as Molly and Sam arrived. Molly hugged Rafe Jr. John and Sam discussed what would happen to him. John said he would call social services. Molly protested and John said Rafe Jr. wasn’t going back there.

In the lab, Kevin hypnotized Ellie. Ellie went over the events of the previous day. Kevin backed her up to the diagram of the missing ingredient and asked her what it said. Outside the lab Michael and Starr met up with Spinelli as Kevin and Ellie exited. Then, Starr asked her if they found out the secret ingredient.



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