Google Doodle pays tribute to ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ author Douglas Adams

By Daniel S Levine,

Author Douglas Adams would be turning 61 today if he was still alive. Today’s Google Doodle pays tribute to the beloved author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.

Adams was born on March 11, 1952 and died of a heart attack in 2001. He was just 49-years-old.

According to The Guardian, Hitchhiker’s Guide started as a radio series, which he then turned into five-book ‘trilogy,’ which was published in 1979. In 2005, a film version was released by Touchstone Pictures.

The Google Doodle pays tribute to some of the ingenious creations in the books, from Marvin the paranoid android to the Babel fish.

“Douglas Adams was a genius. He was a profound and brilliant British humorist who was also a very reluctant novelist,” Neil Gaiman told The Washington Post.

“Most writers become novelists because they like writing novels,” Gaiman explained. “Douglas wrote a radio series that then became a huge and enormously successful novel, so he found himself stuck as an incredibly reluctant novelist who would have to be locked in a room by his publisher to finish a book.”

Adams’ other work includes episodes of Doctor Who and Last Chance to See, a book about the world’s endangered species. He was also credited with working on Monty Python Sketches.

image: Google



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