Government drops graphic cigarette label campaign

By Alexi Knock,

The government has recently decided to drop its campaign for graphic labels on cigarette cartons warning of the dangers of smoking.

The images feature people who suffer from lung cancer and other diseases.

According to Reuters, the government will instead institute a new anti-smoking advertising campaign.

The Food and Drug Administration will create new labels that will fulfill the requirement passed by Congress in 2009 that each cigarette pack must have anti-smoking warnings on the front and back.

According to The Associated Press, the country’s largest tobacco companies have fought against the 2009 legislation, saying that packaging is an important aspect in attracting customers to their product.

The images that will be removed included a man smoking through a tracheotomy hole and a woman sewn up after surgery related to lung disease.

Although smoking has consistently fallen in the recent years, the ruling against the labels has caused the FDA to go back to the drawing board and find another way to deter people from smoking.



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