'Grey's Anatomy' Recap - Season 9, Episode 18: 'Idle Hands'

By Nicole Pomarico,

In this episode, we see Owen showing off the new ER to Cristina as it’s been put together with brand new, state of the art equipment including a walk-in X-Ray machine. Thirteen second full body X-Ray -- not too shabby, Harper Avery!

At the same time, Callie and Arizona are in their appointment as Arizona shows off her new, very realistic looking prosthetic leg – in heels! Arizona wants to practice walking in it, but Callie had other ideas.

Meredith and Derek are at home in bed as Derek recounts the first time he went fly fishing to their unborn baby. Meredith reads a book that tells her about the stage of growth her baby is in, and worries that her eyesight isn’t developing properly. Derek reassures her his or her eyes are probably fine. They can’t decide what to call the baby, but maybe it doesn’t matter what they call it if the baby turns out to be deaf? Meredith is positive that something will be wrong with the baby.

The next day, they arrive at the hospital the day the ER opens… and the day they’ve rolled out the new specially branded coffee sleeves. Richard notes that they have excellent heat retention. Derek questions Jackson about a sheet hanging up, which he thinks is hanging there for an unveiling. Should someone say something? Callie and Arizona join the group and show off Arizona’s leg, which everyone is impressed with. Jackson realizes the painters just left that sheet there, and pulls it down to reveal the new Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital logo.

Cristina wants to brag about a picture of the group in a magazine, but Meredith is still stressing about rare diseases her baby could be afflicted with. Alex assures her it’s far more likely her baby will be born with a heart defect or a cleft palate, and Cristina promises if the baby has a heart defect, she will fix it. Cristina comes across a picture of Marcus Cho in the magazine, who happens to be an old Stanford classmate who was just published for robotic assisted surgery despite the fact that apparently he’s a moron.

Alex and Jo tend to a child patient named Pablo to set him up with chemo. The OB resident Jo’s been dating walks in to invite her to watch a C-Section, and neither Pablo nor Alex wants him around. Pablo shows this by popping open one of his tubes to spray liquid all over the OB resident’s crotch and pretending it was an accident.

Owen and April give a tour of the new ER, showing off the fancy new X-Ray machine. All of the interns are stunned by it and each wants to be the first to use it. Owen reminds them to be patient just as a nurse gets a call that a victim of an ATV accident is at the ambulance bay.

Bailey chases Jackson down to give her proposal for a human genome mapping program, but he tells her there’s no money left and today, he is going to operate instead of making plans.

The ATV victim comes in as the inaugural patient for the new X-Ray machine… until they realize the damage is too intense and they have to get her straight to surgery. Everyone is disappointed they can’t try the machine yet.

Shane walks into the waiting room to let the victim’s father know his daughter has gone into surgery, and Derek is operating on her brain, since she wasn’t wearing a helmet. The father argues that she was- they’ve been riding ATVs almost her whole life and they’ve always worn helmets. They stopped to take a picture, took the helmet down, and someone came by and hit her. He is furious.

Bailey is now after Cristina about her genome mapping project, but Cristina is also tired of doing paperwork, especially while people like Marcus Cho are getting published. Bailey argues that’s all the more reason to fund her project, but Cristina says it’s not bad ass enough. A doctor named Dr. Russel interrupts and says he has just the thing for her.

The OB resident Jo is dating wanders aimless around the ER, and no one needs his help although he was paged… could this be the work of Alex and his new partner in crime? He leaves just as Owen and Jackson arrive, attempting to persuade Meredith’s patient into getting an X-Ray so they can use the new machine. Meredith refuses, saying the patient doesn’t need it, and Owen and Jackson are disappointed. Meredith’s patient thought she had the stomach flu, but isn’t sure what’s wrong now. Meredith tells her she’ll need laparoscopic surgery, and then she’ll be on her way.

Meredith walks over to the desk to get her admitted, and April is there, excited about the new computer system. April asks her about the baby while Meredith asks about the paramedic boyfriend. April says she’ll probably have to break up with him because he’s a virgin and she lied and said she was. Meredith says there must be a reason why she had sex with Jackson – maybe this is what was supposed to happen.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Arizona tells Callie tonight she wants to put Sofia down early and make a romantic dinner, since the prosthetic leg has finally given her back her confidence to have sex. Bailey interrupts, ready to pitch her program, but Callie pushes her out. Not to be discouraged, Bailey walks in to the OR to pitch to Meredith while she’s operating just as Meredith realizes that her patient has a hard mass in her stomach that is probably cancer. She also realizes that the cancer has spread to her liver, and Bailey says maybe they can get it out. Meredith agrees it’s worth a try, but they realize it’s on an artery, so they just finish up and close up the patient.

In another OR, Derek is still working on the ATV victim. He’s realized there’s more damage to her brain than he saw on the CT so he sends Shane out to update the father. And in yet another OR, Cristina and Dr. Russel are working on a Lotus Valve, which helps patients with aeortic valve defects. Dr. Russel is impressed by Cristina’s knowledge and she is excited about the procedure. Much to her surprise, he lets her do the valve by herself.

Back over at the new X-Ray machine, April and Callie lament the fact that no one has tried it out yet. The OB Resident walks in to ask if either of them paged him… just as the camera shows Alex and Pablo laughing over a series of pictures they’ve taken all day of him running around trying to figure out who paged him. Alex wants to leave to work, but Pablo’s got another idea for a prank.

Meredith delivers the news to her patient that she found cancer, and it’s unlikely they will find a cure, just as a few of her students show up to see her. They complain about the substitute and ask her to come back. She tells them she’ll be back soon.

Shane is updating the ATV victim’s dad, letting him know that her damage was extensive. The father acts irrationally again and Shane is visibly threatened.

Meredith’s patient asks her if she was wrong to lie to her students, and Meredith suggests that maybe there’s a way she can prepare them. The patient says this makes no sense, so how could she explain it to them?

Callie walks into the office to see Arizona, who is in pain from the heels she’s been wearing all day. Arizona refuses to let her look at it, because Callie isn’t her doctor, she’s her wife. Callie calls her bluff on the plans to have sex tonight, and Arizona is insulted.

The OB resident runs around looking for a Miss Talia. Jenny Talia. Everyone in the ER laughs before he realizes it’s a joke, and Richard realizes it’s been Alex pulling pranks on him all along. Alex says he’s just trying to help Pablo have fun, and Richard says Jenny Talia is lame and he needs to up his game.

Shane goes back into the OR to talk about the father’s bad reactions with Derek, and Derek once again tells the story of the first time he went fly fishing. The moral of the story is that you can’t over-try, you just have to relax. Derek says there’s a lot to be afraid of, but the only way to get through it is to stay calm… just as the patient’s brain begins to swell. Derek asks him what they should do, and Shane gives the right answer.

Cristina and Dr. Russel gush about the awesome lotus valve when it’s over. Dr. Russel reveals all along he’s been trying to convince her to give him $12 million for his medical trial. Cristina is so disappointed. She and Meredith meet in the lounge to talk about it. Meredith is stressed out by the baby constantly kicking and asks Cristina to talk to the baby. Bailey walks in on Cristina awkwardly trying to talk to the baby and pushes Cristina out of the way so she can give her genome mapping pitch to Meredith’s stomach. Her voice calms the baby down. She passes out her proposal to Cristina and Meredith and leaves. Cristina realizes she is in charge and decides to use her new power to crush Marcus Cho.

The interns, Owen, and Jackson are trying desperately to scrape up a reason to use the X-Ray machine. He lets Heather Brooks hop in to test it out, just as April runs into the ER to announce a motorcycle crash is on its way in.

The OB Resident delivers a fresh cup full of his own urine to Bailey, assuming she knows what it’s for. She doesn’t. He thinks it’s a random drug test, and Alex and Richard giggle, watching from afar. Bailey and the resident see them laughing, and he realizes it was a prank. Callie walks up to tell Bailey they’ve found the funding for her project. She thinks it’s another prank, but Callie says Cristina’s called a board meeting to discuss it and Bailey is thrilled. Dr. Russel is not too thrilled when he finds out that the money from the genome mapping is coming from his budget, and Cristina will replace the manpower he will now be missing.

Callie walks into the X-Ray viewing room to talk to Arizona, who is really upset. She doesn’t want to keep saying yes and not following through for Callie. Callie asks her to please let her help with her pain, and although it’s difficult for Arizona, she does.

Meredith walks into her patient’s room to deliver a get well poster from her students, who are waiting to see her. Meredith offers to send them away.

The doctors and interns finally get to use the X-Ray machine, and everyone looks on with anticipation. They are just as amazed as they expected to be. They can now get the information that used to take fifteen scans to receive in thirteen seconds. Owen notes that it was worth waiting for, and this takes on a special meaning for April.

Derek prepares Shane to talk to the ATV victim’s father again. He’s still angry and pushes Shane, but Derek grabs a hold of him and tells him his daughter is alive, although they aren’t sure she’ll wake up. He starts crying, and Derek hugs him while Shane looks on. Later Derek tells him cool and calm never would have worked on him.

Meredith’s patient allows her entire class to come in to see her and she tells them how to handle their substitute teacher as Meredith watches. She begins to prepare them as Meredith suggested earlier, and the kids catch on quickly that she won’t be able to come back. Some of them begin to cry, and so does their teacher. She tries to help them find ways to help their new teacher.

Meredith and Derek head out after a rough day. Derek tells her she needs to stop assuming something bad will happen to the baby. He decides to go do tests and find out everything they can about the baby.

Richard and Alex laugh about the day’s pranks. The OB resident approaches, and Richard runs and hides. The resident tells him to laugh now, because later he’ll be “nailing Jo in the bathroom at the bar.”

Callie gets home and Arizona asks her to massage her leg again, but it turns into more. Bailey promises Jackson her genome mapping project will not let him down. Meredith has an ultrasound done on the baby and they see that everything is fine – and the baby is a boy.

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