'Grey's Anatomy' Recap - Season 9, Episodes 14-16

By Nicole Pomarico,
Catch up on what's been happening with the Seattle Grace gang before new episodes return Thursday, March 14!

'Grey’s Anatomy' Recap – 9.14-9.17

Episode 14, “The Face of Change,” kicks off as Alex gets photographed by someone sent from the Pegasus hospital group. Turns out since he’s hot and good with kids, he’s in the running to be their Brand Ambassador as they negotiate a deal to buy Seattle Grace.

Later at home, he and intern Jo walk in on Jackson and intern Stephanie canoodling on the couch. They escape to the dining room, but are greeted by the sounds of Cristina and Owen going at it upstairs – of course. Jo proceeds to start howling at the ceiling. Normal reaction. The next day at the hospital, Alex swears he has no interest in Jo, and Jo tells the interns the same thing.

April has lunch with cute paramedic Matthew in his ambulance, after kicking his partner out so she’d have a place to sit. Just as April begins to complain about how bored she is at work due to the ER closing, Matthew gets a call and invites her to come along.

Meanwhile, Alex continues to be followed by paparazzi and discovers that they’re following Jackson, too, who welcomes the attention. This inspires a competition between Jo and Stephanie, each wanting to ensure their respective hook-up buddy wins. Jackson will be performing a mastectomy on a transgender patient, and the photographer eats it all up.

Cahill, the hospital’s real estate lady, has instituted Pegasus’ routine iPads in the hospital to hold patient data and is spending the day giving a group from Pegasus a tour of the hospital. They run into Meredith, who can’t seem to figure out how to access the data without deleting the patient’s records.

In the office, Callie, Owen, Derek, Bailey and Richard are meeting about Cahill and Pegasus. Owen asks them to cooperate. Opinions in the room are split – Bailey and Derek aren't happy, but don’t think they have any options, while Richard and Callie think something needs to be done. After reading through Pegasus’ website, they decide to take a little road trip to a Pegasus-owned hospital to see how it runs.

The father of the transgender patient shows up, and he’s mad. Alex interrupts his argument with the patient’s also-transgender girlfriend, and the father pushes Alex against the wall in anger. The photographer catches it all on tape, and the cops are called. After questioning, the patient walks in to discover his father is there when he did not tell him about his surgery.

Later, Jackson is teaching the interns when he gets a call from April. The call she went on with the paramedic was a ten-year-old boy who had been in a hit-and-run accident and the closest hospital was busy, so they got redirected to one an hour away. If they drive that far, the boy will die en route, so she asks Jackson to help sneak him into Seattle Grace. Jackson tries asking Owen first, but when he and Cahill say absolutely not, he enlists in Jo and Stephanie’s help.

Meanwhile, Callie and Richard have arrived in the ER of the Pegasus hospital they’re investigating, signing in as Calliope and Julio Plantain. They find out they’re all about saving time over there, and are allotted 15 minutes to spend with each patient. They’re also iPad crazy. When they’re finished, they grab coffee and try to blend in. They talk to a doctor, who recognizes Callie, and, unhappy with his job under Pegasus, asks if Seattle Grace is hiring. Richard thinks maybe he should just take the retirement package he was offered.

Back in the old emergency room, Jackson pages Meredith and they, along with Jo and Stephanie, bring equipment in and get it ready for the little boy. Cristina brings in more interns to watch the doors, and Stephanie tries to divert the still-touring Pegasus group. When they need a code to get the medicine they need, Meredith has to page Derek, who then helps stall the group. There’s only so much they can do, though – Pegasus wants to see the emergency room, which is being renovated into a hernia clinic. Miraculously, the doctors get the boy and all their equipment out just in time, and Cahill would have never known they were there, if there hadn’t been a drop of fresh blood left behind.

After Pegasus has left, Cahill and Owen burst into the OR where the doctors are operating on the boy from the accident. Luckily, Meredith’s ineptitude of the iPad comes in handy and she pretends to have deleted the patient’s information when they demand to know where he came from. Cahill is disappointed when Owen doesn’t discipline them.

On the roof of the hospital, Callie, Arizona, Meredith and Derek meet. Cristina is invited, too, but is detained by more sex with Owen, so they have their meeting without her. This is when Callie announces she thinks they should pool their money from the lawsuit and buy the hospital themselves.

Inside the hospital, Richard gets into the elevator, and as the doors close, he is greeted by a giant picture of Derek as the hospital’s new face.

In the next episode, Arizona, Meredith, Derek and Callie have gathered again, this time, in Meredith and Derek’s living room. Callie relays her findings from her Pegasus visit with Richard, and Cristina is still unreachable. Everyone is on board with the plan to buy the hospital, except for Arizona, who doesn’t want to spend all of her money that way and claims Derek is just feeling guilty that he is the one who came out of the accident the most unscathed.

The next day, Arizona apologizes for yelling at Derek, just as they run into the giant picture of Derek that’s been put up on the wall. “It’s a great face, but that’s a lot of it,” Richard comments.

Meanwhile, April and Matthew are making out in the ambulance. They awkwardly agree on a real date tonight, but April looks less than pleased as she exits the ambulance.

Alex and Jo explain to a patient that her newborn will need surgery on her twisted bowels. The parents don’t seem too invested in each other, but Alex finds out the baby resulted from a one-time office hook up. They don’t get along, but they both want the baby.

Elsewhere in the hospital, April and Bailey are also delivering news – they tell the father of a child with cancer that although the cancer is spreading, they can perform genome mapping, which might be his only solution. The father cries happy tears. Bailey is not pleased later when Owen tells her the advisory board turned the procedure down. Later she finds out that Owen is the one who turned down her request, not the board.

Meredith tells Cristina about their plan to buy the hospital, but she thinks they’d do better to just support Owen in his decision. She changes her mind when she overhears intern gossip during a surgery and finds out that many of the interns have left because Seattle Grace has lost its prestige. Derek has the same moment of clarity when Shane turns down the opportunity to go with him to his photo op in favor of getting real surgical experience.

April stops into Jackson’s surgery and asks him for advice on her date with Matthew. She’s nervous, because she knows she should tell him she’s a born-again virgin. Jackson tells her she should be honest, and that his mother keeps nagging him to do more for the Harper Avery foundation.

Owen announces the changes being instituted in preparation for Pegasus’ takeover to the nurses, who are in an outrage. Owen tells Cahill he sides with the nurses, but she convinces them their inconvenience now will benefit them in the long run. He talks to the nurses again and manages to get them on board.

Derek holds meetings with a financial advisor in a van in the parking lot. One by one, Callie, Meredith, Cristina and Arizona come to the van to talk about buying the hospital. The financial advisor tells them they cannot tell Owen their plan, or he could be in serious legal trouble since he signed a nondisclosure agreement with Pegasus. Since hospital employees cannot buy the hospital they work at, they will have to become a non-profit organization that will then form a management company that the non-profit can hire.

The financial advisor needs to see a recent financial statement from the hospital to know how much money they will need to buy the hospital, so Meredith and Derek steal one. Owen tells Cristina that he lied to the nurses about his trust in Pegasus because it’s their last shot at saving the hospital, and Cahill calls to tell him the deal will be final later that night.

Meanwhile, an outraged Bailey tells the father of the patient who was expecting the genome mapping. She then begins to panic about finding a new job.

Arizona calls another meeting and tells everyone Bailey is planning to quit, so now she is on board. Cristina arrives to announce she’s also on board, but the hospital is being sold tonight. One by one, Arizona, Callie, Derek, Meredith and Cristina all quit while the board is meeting to accept the Pegasus offer. Richard knows something is up, and Meredith promises he’ll find out soon. Hearing that the hospital’s top surgeons have quit, Pegasus retracts their offer.

That night, after their date, April and Matthew are hooking up when she stops things from going too far. That’s when Matthew admits he’s saving himself for marriage… and April says so is she.

After helping the baby with the twisted bowels, Alex invites Jo out for a beer. She takes a rain check, as she has a date with an OB resident.

The episode ends as Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona and Christina gather at Meredith and Derek’s again to make their plan with the financial advisor.

In episode 16, “This is Why We Fight,” Cristina and Meredith are going over the packet they made for the investors they need to talk to in order to get the money for the hospital when Alex walks in and demands to know what’s going on. The nurses, lab techs and other hospital employees are beginning to quit, and by his estimation, the hospital has about a month left.

There’s a serious lack of doctors and way too many surgeries at the hospital, and Owen is stressing just as Bailey comes in wearing a power suit, ready for her job interviews. Owen convinces her to stay, calling her the heart of the hospital, and cancels all non-emergent surgeries.

Richard and Harper Avery are at the hospital, too, and run into Jackson. His mother tries to persuade him to come to Boston, but Richard interrupts, saying they have to “stand tall.”

Cristina, Meredith, Arizona, Callie and Derek wait for a meeting with Julian Crest, a hard to sell, very wealthy investor. Meredith constantly calls intern Heather Brooks for updates on the patient she left behind when she quit. Bailey has taken over her case - a septic patient with young children. Heather must keep her communication with Meredith a secret from Bailey, and suggests an artificial artery for the patient that Meredith told her about.

Cahill tells Owen the Pegasus deal will close at 8 a.m. the next day, and he is relieved.

Back at Julian Crest’s office, the group gives their pitch to two young junior executives in hoodies and jeans, who are the gatekeepers. They’re approved for another meeting.

At Seattle Grace, Alex is preparing to take out a little boy’s tumor, who has been named Phil, with Jo’s help. He is apathetic toward Jo, after learning she was going on a date with someone else.

Jackson, worrying about the state of the hospital after hearing about the canceled surgeries, goes into the OR to talk to Richard, insisting he wouldn’t have told Jackson to stay unless he knew something everyone else didn’t. Richard tells him he’s not sure what’s happening, but the doctors who quit seem to have a plan.

After making their pitch to another set of executives at Julian Crest’s office, the plane crash survivors plus Callie are given a chance to talk to Julian himself, but they only have 15 minutes to talk to him before he leaves from Dubai. Then Heather calls Meredith – she overheard Cahill’s conversation with a woman from the board, and finds out Pegasus is actually going to liquidate Seattle Grace and fire everyone.

Heather immediately tells Bailey, who tells her not to tell anyone. Obviously, she tells everyone, starting with the interns. Richard overhears the conversation, and he then approaches Bailey. She invites him to scrub in on her artificial artery surgery as their last hurrah.

Crest hears out the Seattle Grace pitch, but knows none of them have leadership experience. He tells them to come back when they find someone with administrative experience. Meredith and Cristina decide to get Richard and Owen on board before Crest leaves for Dubai.

Owen finds out about Pegasus’ plan to close the hospital when Shane tells him what he heard from Cahill during surgery. He storms out and April takes over. Cristina finds him to tell him their plan, and he decides to go to the board, asking her to trust him. At the same time, Meredith tracks down Richard, and gets him on board, too.

Alex and Jo are able to remove Phil the tumor from the little boy, and afterwards Alex finds Jo crying in an empty hospital room. She tells him not seeing him much the past week has sucked, and she doesn’t want to never see him again when the hospital closes.

Cristina and Meredith go back to Crest’s office and Owen goes to the board to tell them he has another buyer. They agree to hold off the sale, much to Cahill’s dismay. The gang brings Richard to see Crest, who is leaving on a helicopter for the airport and only has room for two. He brings Richard and Derek along, but Crest ultimately turns their offer down.

Arizona and Callie go home to Sophia, and talk about what they should do with their money. Arizona wants to buy a house. Callie says they should probably sell Mark’s apartment, but not yet.

Alex walks in on Cristina and Owen drinking his Vermouth, and they end up telling him what their plan was. At Meredith and Derek’s, Derek is writing recommendation letters for all the interns. Meredith asks to write Heather’s.

Weber and Harper Avery are in bed, talking about the hospital. Richard notes he’s surprised that the hospital will be gone before he is, and Harper asks how much they need.

The next morning, everyone is called to the hospital, where Harper announces that the Harper Avery Foundation is going to give them the money they need – under the condition that Jackson gets to be on their board of directors. They accept the offer, but no one – including Jackson – is pleased.

New episodes return March 14 after the hiatus!

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