The Hangover Part III trailer is here! (Video)

By Steven Mitchell,

The Wolf Pack has finally returned. The first The Hangover Part III trailer debuted Thursday.

Screen Crush reports that Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha return for the conclusion of the Todd Phillips trilogy. The long awaited sequel, H3, released a poster featuring Galifianakis and Ken Jeong.

In the trailer and poster, we can see that the Pack return to where it started, Las Vegas. Many details of the plot are been kept hush-hush, but by looking at the trailer, viewers can expect craziness on their road trip.

What we do know is that H3 will be Alan’s story.

"He's going through a crisis after the death of his father, [and] the Wolf Pack is all he has,” Phillips said.

The last of the trilogy is being described to be, “epic.”

Jeong, who plays Mr. Chow, is expected to play a bigger part in the conclusion.

The Hangover Part III is due out Memorial Day weekend, May 23. The comedy was written by Phillips and Craig Mazin. Also expected to make an appearance in the film are John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy, Heather Graham and many others.

The trailer can be seen below:



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