Harry Styles gets tattoo of a butterfly on his stomach

By Markirah Shaw,

One Direction singer, Harry Styles, got another tattoo, this time a rather large one-of-a-kind butterfly, across his stomach.

Back in January, tattoo artist Lyam Sparkes uploaded a picture to his Flickr photo stream, depicting a male torso with a fresh butterfly tattoo displayed across the belly.


Fans of the UK boyband finally identified the headless person as 19-year-old Harry Styles who was recently in the news after a nasty break up with country singer Taylor Swift, 23.

Several clues in the picture lead to this conclusion. Entertainment Wise reported on one of them - a hint of a ship’s mast and sails tattooed on the person’s left arm. It is a perfect match to the ink that Styles got recently while still dating Swift. Sparkes’ picture shows the bottom half of it.

The second clue was an intimate detail that only diligent fans of the English singer would know and that is his barely-visible and asymmetrical set of extra nipples. Hollywood Life reports that Styles was unabashedly vocal about this special feature saying, “I have four nipples. I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left its nipples behind.”

Styles rose to fame along with bandmates Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis after the five young artists were united on season 7 of X Factor UK. Styles has since gotten a total of 20 tattoos including song lyrics, two sparrows, the letter A for his mother Anne, and a coat hanger.

image: Flikr



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