'Hawaii Five-0' recap: 'Hoa Pili'

By Cheryl Hollar,

The episode begins with a man catching his best friend and his wife in bed on the yacht he bought for his wife. As he is about to shoot his friend in the head, there is an explosion on the water nearby.

The scene switches to McGarrett and Kamekona. McGarrett is teaching him how to fly a helicopter with the use of a sort of TV simulator. McGarrett gets a call to go to Haleiwa Harbor on the North Shore, the shore location nearest the explosion.

Craig, the owner of the exploded boat, arrives. It’s the third destroyed boat that belongs to him. His brother, Jason, is missing.

McGarrett and Danny go out to sea and find the body of the brother in a shark tank. (The brothers operate a shark tour business.) The cause of death is blunt force trauma.

When damage to another boat in the Harbor, The Carlyle, is found, McGarrett and Danny return to the scene.

They are told the Kapu, a surf club, is responsible for beating up Jason. When they visit the Kapu, they find one of their houses has been set on fire. They do arrest one of them for beating up Jason, but that is all.

They also find Craig’s fingerprints on a gas can in the area. But Craig is only guilty of setting that one fire.

Max calls McGarrett and Danny. A man’s arm has been found inside a shark’s body. It turns out that the arm belongs to one of the partners of The Carlyle.

When the team goes to the suspect’s house, they find one of the other partners.

Then, they discover an empty can with remainders of ecstasy.

They surmise that Jason came upon the three fishermen as they were searching the waters for the ecstasy. One of the partners killed the other two.

It is also discovered that the ecstasy belongs to a drug cartel that has been smuggling the drug into Hawaii for the past 18 months.

When the remaining partner of The Carlyle tries to make an exchange with the competition, things get ugly with the cartel.

Five-0 is caught in the middle on the docks at Sand Island, and Kono saves the day by dropping a box car from a crane onto the head of the cartel.

The remaining partner of The Carlyle is taken into custody, and the episode ends with McGarrett, Danny, and Max flying with Kamekona in his helicopter.

image: CBS



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