Hawaii Senate passes Steven Tyler law to give celebrities privacy

By Daniel S Levine,

Hawaii is a beautiful spot for vacations and Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, hoped to keep it that way for his fellow celebrities by sponsoring a bill to protect their privacy from paparazzi. The law passed in the state senate this week.

Tyler and Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood spoke before the Hawaii senate last month to support the bill. Tyler was pushing for it since photos of his family vacationing in the state were published by a national magazine in December.

According to The Associated Press, Sen. Kalani English sponsored the bill, saying that it could help promote celebrity tourism. But other lawmakers had fun with the bill, which drew national attention.

“We have been the butt of many editorials and jokes across the country for this proposed legislation,” Sen. Sam Slom, the only Republican in the Hawaii senate, said. “My final remarks to Steven Tyler as he sang so eloquently are, 'Dream on, dream on.’”

Still, the bill passed, 23-2.

TV Guide notes that the bill will now go before the House for debate.

The Steven Tyler Act is supposed to keep paparazzi away from celebrities while they visit Hawaii. While Tyler, Fleetwood, and Britney Spears supported it, journalism organizations opposed it, stating that it could impede First Amendment rights.

“It's better, but it doesn't change its fatal flaws,” media lawyer Jeff Portnoy told the AP, referring to changes made to make the bill similar to California’s anti-paparazzi measures. “Our only chance to get some sanity into this is in the House.”



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