High school softball coach uses his team to find him dates

By Alexi Knock,

A high school coach resigned after his school found out he was sending his softball team out to find him dates.

According to Good Morning America, Troy Hennum of Roosevelt High School in Seattle resigned after a game he set up with his team of girls to search for a date for him through a scavenger hunt.

The woman who was found by the team exchanged several texts with Hennum, 25, before turning him into the police.

Kat Aagard, 25, was approached by the group of girls at the sporting goods store where she worked. They asked for her number and gave it to their coach. Aagard admitted to Good Morning America that she was initially flattered.

In a text Aagard shared with ABC, Hennum said, “Right? Genius. Great way to meet a girl. Use my girls. LOL.”

Aagard texted the softball coach for over an hour and complimented his muscles when he sent her a photo of himself.

When she searched him on Google, she found that he had departed from another school in Lake Washington after texting a student.

Aagard told Good Morning America, “I was completely … shocked to see something inappropriate happened with this coach before.”

Aagard reported the incident to Hennum’s current school’s principal. He later resigned from his position.

According to Deadspin.com, Hennum has a side job handicapping games.



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