Hopeful Hamptons

By Meredith Daniels,

Traveling to the Hamptons on a rainy weekend in February doesn’t sound like the best laid plans, although getting away from the distractions of the city isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At Southampton Inn on 91 Hill Street, in Southampton, I was able to stay in touch with the ‘real world’ by having amenities like free Wi-Fi and a flat screen TV, but I was also able to get that B & B feel I so desperately needed.

After all, when you make the decision to head to the Hamptons, you should actually feel like you’re in the Hamptons. Opening the door to a room of beachy colors along the walls and bedding are definitely inviting, as is a sparkling, tile bathroom with a white pedestal sink. As I looked around I almost believed I just inhaled some fresh, sea air.

As I headed outside and walked to the main house just a few hundred feet away, I couldn’t help but let my thoughts jump ahead to May when the Hamptons season would be in full swing. Ah, what I would give to be able to sit outside on an adirondack chair looking out onto the heated pool, tennis courts and shuffleboard deck. Or maybe I’d take advantage of the all-day shuttle service to Cooper’s Beach. After all, last year National Geographic ranked Hamptons beaches number 4 among the top ten beaches in the world.

Would I make my summer fantasy weekend a romantic one with just the hubby? I could dine at 75 Main where I could sit at the bar and order one of their many creative cocktails before enjoying a plate of calamari fritti or soft shell crab. Maybe we’d even dance to the tunes of whatever DJ would be spinning in the lounge that night.

Strolling in the quaint village (just walking distance away) would be a nice experience without a coat or umbrella. Maybe I’d even let my man buy me a cashmere cardigan (the nights could still get chilly) at Christopher Fischer or a fun bangle from Alex and Ani.

Or perhaps we’d make it a family trip to the beach. We could still find a little time for romance if we let the older kids stay in a connecting room (of which the inn has many). We could even bring the dog (18 of the the 90 guest rooms are pet-friendly).

If we don’t want to risk having our toddler act up at an adult-friendly restaurant we could just head downstairs to the inn’s own restaurant, Oso. It’s got a nice, inviting setting and the menu has some variety with its Mediterranean theme. It even uses vegetables from the garden growing right outside the door. Otherwise, we could also enjoy some lighter fare right in the courtyard (there’s even a portable bar).

And, if Mommy and Daddy need to occupy their child while they have a drink or two...have no fear, there’s a game room attached to the restaurant that’s got a Pac-man machine, TV, board games, puzzles and tot-like furniture.

There’s always the option of getting into the car (this is assuming you opted for only one drink) and head to a museum, the Montauk lighthouse, the Shinnecock Indian Reservation or even back to the beach. I know sometimes I don’t feel like doing the planning, so I just grab a pamphlet from the lobby. Actually, you could even have the staff put together an excursion for you. There’s boating, fishing, kayaking...you’re surrounded by water, for goodness sake.

But I digress, as summer is still a good 3 months away. So, for now I’ll take what R&R I can get, head back up to my room and melt into my tempting, Tempurpedic mattress where I can continue dreaming of a warmer, Hamptons getaway.

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