‘House of Lies’ recap - 'Exit Strategy'

By Ricky Riley,

This episode focuses on Marty’s new business, Jeannie’s new promotion, and Doug’s attempt to be a closer.

This season of House of Lies focuses on Marty Kaan’s pursuit of career independence. He is sick and tired of working for his over bearing boss, who happens to be the devil in high heels. Marty is in the middle of looking for a space and investors for his new management agency but he is still having sex with Tamara who is married with kids.

On top of that, his mooching brother is still in his house. Malcolm is leaving a big impression on Marty’s son, Roscoe. Malcolm has convinced Roscoe to join some of the protests he has around town. So Marty gives Malcolm a check of 10 grand to leave because Malcolm really only wants cash. The next day Malcolm is gone.

While Marty is experiencing this, Jeanine is left at Galweather & Stearn to maintain the team. She feels unappreciated and overworked. Their boss offers Jeannie a chance to lead her own management team. Jeannie is in the midst of an internal conflict. This puts a damper on her plans to join Marty’s new company because this may be the only chance she will have to be independent. But this is only one part of the equation because she also has feelings for Marty. She is dating the successful dildo king; who is in charge of a sex toy company.

The other minor subplot revolved around Doug. Doug is working on a new client and he has been calling Marty to close the deal. But Doug’s girlfriend prompts him to take charge. When he goes to meet the client he sees that the restaurant has a grade of B. He runs back to the car and gets a hand-job from his girlfriend.

This allows him to get the job done without the help of Marty.

This show gets better with each episode. The characters' interaction helps develop their relationships and make you care about them. This was an awesome episode. Next week’s episode should be a spectacular one.



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