Ian Somerhalder instantly fell in love with Grumpy Cat

By April Chieffo,

Nina Dobrev, watch out. Another woman has stolen Ian Somerhalder’s heart.

Oops! I left out Grumpy cat!!!  This cat is kind of amazing... on Twitpic

Ian Somerhalder, best known for his role on The Vampire Diaries, headed to SXSW last weekend and met one of the Internet’s biggest stars: Grumpy Cat. The 34-year-old actor met the famous feline, who happens to be a female cat, during an interview at the film festival. He instantly fell in love with the cat.

The actor tweeted a photo of him and his “new love,” Grumpy cat, who goes by the name Tardar Sauce. In the photo, she was looking less than amused as usual.

Somerhalder is a cat lover and animal activist. He said that after meeting the cat, he was so in love. Who can blame him? What’s not to love about Grumpy Cat?

“She’s precious,” Somerhalder said in an interview with People Magazine. He added, “One gaze into those beautiful blue eyes of hers, and she’s got you. The feet are the best. Then they grip you, and then she just looks at you [with that face.]”

He admitted jokingly that he “almost stole her.”

When Ian met Grumpy Cat, not only was he amazed by the popularity of the cat, but Somerhalder also found it funny that she is a “wing woman” for the owners. He said the mother of the owner used Grumpy Cat as an excuse to give him her number.

"The mom gave me a card. She wrote her number on it," he explained. "She said, 'If you want to see Grumpy Cat, call me.' I thought that was interesting. Grumpy Cat is a wing woman."

Photo courtesy of Ian Somerhalder on Twitpic



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