IFC orders up Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell comedy projects

By Steven Mitchell,

IFC is making moves with comedies Thursday, picking up series produced by Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell.

According to Variety, the network has greenlit the projects and both should be airing later this year.

The first is an original comedy titled The Spoils of Babylon. The show will be produced by Ferrell along with Adam McKay. Babylon will be an unreal adaptation of a novel set in an oil business with a soap opera feel to it and will star Ferrell as a fictional author. IFC has ordered six episodes each a half-hour long.

“This is a crazy and maybe even a stupid idea,” Ferrell said. “IFC is either really courageous or really stupid which makes them the perfect partner for us.”

The other comedy is a sketch comedy which will star The Birthday Boys and be produced by Stiller, reports The Los Angeles Times. The Birthday Boys have been featured on Ferrell and McKay’s Funny or Die website. The sketch comedy will also be co-produced by Bob Odenkirk who worked with Stiller on The Ben Stiller Show. IFC has ordered 10 episodes so far.

“The Birthday Boys are too good to just be making viral videos,” Stiller said. “They are funny enough to fill time between episodes of Portlandia. ”

IFC was brought to life in 1994 as the Independent Film Channel, featuring lower budgeted films directed by people outside of movie studios.



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