Interview with Casey Deidrick of ‘Days of our Lives’

By Sari N. Kent,

Casey Deidrick is a newcomer to the soap world, but since his debut in 2009 as Chad DiMera, yet another child of “The Phoenix” Stefano DiMera, on Days of our Lives, he’s been the hottest ticket in Salem.

A California native, Deidrick is an avid skateboarder and even participated in the 2004 Vans World Amateur Competition at the age of 17. But, a head injury in 2004 caused him to take a break from the sport to follow his other interests. After graduating high school in 2005, Deidrick attended Metropolitan State College in Denver where he studied Psychology and Theatre Arts for one year. It was during this time that Deidrick decided to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Aside from Days, Deidrick has had guest spots on The CW’s 90210 and the ABC medical dramedy Body of Proof. TheCelebrityCafe.com’s Sari N. Kent got the chance to talk to Deidrick about being on the long-running daytime drama, his other projects and what’s ahead for Chad in Salem.

SNK: What’s it like playing Chad DiMera on Days of our Lives?

CD: I’m actually having the most fun I’ve ever had with a character. It’s a chance to kinda be someone I’m not in real life and a chance to play myself as well. Basically, I’m just havin’ a lot of fun and that’s all I can really ask for in this role.

SNK: You’ve been on Days since 2009, have you gotten close with any cast members? I know you work closely with James Scott [who plays EJ, Chad’s half-brother] and Joseph Mascolo [who plays Stefano, Chad’s biological father.]

CD: James Scott definitely and Kate Mansi [who plays Abigail Deveraux.] We pretty much hang out every other day.

SNK: Your bio says that you’re an exceptional skateboarder, but had to take a break from it due to a head injury in 2004. Do you plan on taking it up again?

CD: I still skateboard when I’ve got some free time. I go to the skate park and skate around. I’m not doing it as competitively or as hard as I was prior to being on the show.

SNK: What made you decide to study Theatre Arts when you attended Metropolitan State College in Denver?

CD: I always had a curiosity and that’s what led me to take that class. I’m glad I did.

SNK: Aside from Days, you’ve done a few guest spots on shows like The CW’s 90210 and the Disney Channel’s teen sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place. What were those experiences like?

CD: You get to meet new people. You get to see how different people work. You’re playing different characters. It’s such a win-win situation. I just recently did a guest spot on the NBC show Revolution, which was amazing. I had the best time, they flew me out to North Carolina and I had the best couple of days of shooting. It’s really great to expand your horizons with taking in new roles.

SNK: Your bio also says that you’re the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band called A Dreadful Fall, that’s performed in local clubs around Southern California. How did you become interested in music?

CD: I’m actually in a new band with Chandler Massey [who plays Will Horton on Days]. It’s another kind of electronica band and we’re called Calling All Capulets. I’ve always been into metal music, playing and listening to it. I’ve been doing it for a long time, since high school. We’re actually trying to make something of this band.

SNK: Can you give me any tidbits in what’s in store for Chad on the show?

CD: Well, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say. I do know that he’s still trying to pursue Abigail and there’s this huge roadblock with what Chad did at the wedding and Chandler [Will] being in the picture as well. There’s also this whole thing going on with EJ and Stefano that Chad is kept in the dark about right now. Basically, Chad is trying to pick up the pieces after what happened with the wedding.



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