Iron Man Hall of Armor exhibit coming to Disneyland resorts

By Steven Mitchell,

Mark 33 - Silver Centurion #ironman3 on Twitpic

ATTENTION all you Iron Man hopefuls! Did you ever want to walk into Tony Stark's work room and glance at all the Iron Man suits? Well here’s your chance.

According to The Press-Enterprise, Disney announced Thursday that an Iron Man 3 exhibit will be flying its way to the Disneyland Resort. The Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries exhibit will make its home at Innoventions in Tommorowland.

Guests attending the exhibit will be able to walk through the ‘Hall of Armor’ which will feature seven armor suits (Mark I-VII) from the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. Marvel fans will also get to see what it’s like to suit up like Iron Man through a virtual experience. They can test drive the newest suit, the Mark 42, and ‘fire’ repulsor blasts.

The exhibit opens April 13, just before the May 3 U.S. release of Iron Man 3, reports Babble.

“I’m obsessed with Disney and with Disney theme parks,” said Kevin Feige, president of production at Marvel Studios, “and when I was first told by the heads of Marvel (and they asked), “what do you think of Disney? We’re thinking of selling the company.” I pulled out my wallet, I got the annual pass, the Disney DVC membership, all of that stuff, because I was just obsessed with it. That’s what my family did, was go to the Disney theme parks every year. And still do, over New Years down in Florida.”

Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries exhibit is planned to run at the Disneyland Resort until September.

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