‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ has to prove skeptics wrong at box office to earn big opening

By Daniel S Levine,

Hollywood could finally use a big box office smash for 2013, but Jack The Giant Slayer is not expected to be it. The big-budget revisionist fairy tale was directed by X-Men’s Bryan Singer and will test the star power of X-Men: First Class actor Nicholas Hoult, who plays the title role.

The film has earned mixed reviews and hasn’t been tracking well with audiences so far. According to Entertainment Weekly, New Line claims that the film cost $185 million to make, but some estimates put it at $200 million. While Hoult did score a modest hit last month with Warm Bodies, it certainly didn’t have that kind of budget. Therefore, a $23 million opening this weekend - as EW predicts - will be a huge disappointment. It could easily be this year’s John Carter or Battleship.

Jack is being screened at 3,500 locations and is also being released in 3D.

The other film hitting theaters this weekend is 21 and Over, directed by the writers of The Hangover. According to Box Office Mojo, the film is expected to make over $14 million. It’s targeted to the same audience that made Project X a surprise hit, but it’s not expected to get close to that film’s $21 million debut.

The Last Exorcism: Part II proves that the exorcism in the first film wasn’t really the last as advertised. The CBS Films-distributor horror flick cost just $1.8 million to make, so the studio will be ecstatic to see it make $9.5 million as predicted.

Identity Thief could stick around to add another $9 million this weekend, while Escape From Planet Earth is expected to add $7 million.

Next weekend, Disney’s first big 2013 release - Oz The Great And Powerful - hits theaters.



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