Jay Leno calls NBC executives ‘snakes’ in monologue (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Jay Leno has never been shy about criticizing his bosses at NBC during his monologues, especially lately, since the network is struggling in the prime time ratings. His latest jab comes after it was reported that Robert Greenblatt, the head of entertainment at the network, was unhappy with his jokes about the ratings.

“Well you know the whole legend of St. Patrick, right?” the Tonight Show host started his monologue last night, reports The Wrap. “St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, and then they came here to the United States and became NBC executives.

“It's a fascinating, fascinating story,” he added.

With NBC’s poor ratings, Leno has made his own network the butt of several jokes lately. On Feb. 28, he joked, “For the first time in history NBC is going to finish fifth in the ratings period...We are behind the Spanish-language network Univision — or as we call it here in Los Angeles: Cinco de Ratings.” He also joked “It’s so bad, The Biggest Loser isn’t just a TV show anymore; it’s our new motto.”

The New York Times reported that Greenblatt fired off an email to try to get Leno to stop, which started a fiery exchange of emails between Leno and Greenblatt.

Meanwhile, there are also rumblings that Leno is being phased out so Jimmy Fallon could take over the Tonight Show, as the network is nervous about losing younger viewers to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

image: NBC



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