Jay-Z officially signs on to produce music for ‘The Great Gatsby’ with Leonardo DiCaprio

By Daniel S Levine,

Although Jay-Z’s name has been linked with Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby for a few months now, the rapper’s role in the Jazz Age period piece was confirmed by Warner Bros. today.

In a press release posted at Reuters, the studio said that Jay is working close with Luhrmann as executive producer, assembling top talent to provide music for the film. His music and tracks from other artists will be woven into the score by longtime Luhrmann collaborator Craig Armstrong. Jay and Luhrmann have been working together for two years on the project, after actor Leonardo DiCaprio introduced the two.

DiCaprio stars as Jay Gatsby in the film, which is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel. Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan also star.

In case audiences are wondering how Jay-Z’s modern music will fit with the 1920s, Luhrmann called his music “a credible and natural fit” with the material.

“Not only is Jay-Z a great artist, full stop, but I had heard that he was a great collaborator. Leonardo and I were lucky enough to be present in a recording session over two years ago as Jay-Z was recording `No Church in the Wild,` and the collaboration grew from there,” Luhrmann added. According to Rolling Stone, “No Church in the Wild” was released on Watch The Throne.

The news comes after last week’s announcement that Gatsby will open the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Organizers promised that JAy-Z would be there, so today’s announcement shouldn’t be a surprise.

Gatsby hits theaters on May 10 in 3D.



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