John Mayer used Botox to paralyze vocal cords in order for them to heal from granuloma

By Gina DiFalco,

John Mayer has revealed the surprising method he used to heal his vocal chords, which were damaged due to tissue inflammation, called granuloma.

With the help of Boston laryngeal expert Dr. Steven Zeitels, who has also worked with Adele, he’s now back to normal and can look ahead to a bright future of recording new music and touring, something he wasn’t sure of in 2011.

“I actually referred [Zeitels] to Adele, and he did a great job with her," Mayer said of Dr. Zeitels’ surgery on the 21 singer to remove a bleeding vocal-cord polyp.

"My situation was different, however-more complex, and a lot more ambiguous,” he explained, Billboard reports. "I thought I'd just take a pill and it would go away, but the problem got worse and worse, and grew and grew.”

Mayer’s longtime manager, Michael McDonald, said of the process "Basically, it's as if you picked a scab every day. John's throat just never healed-it was constantly bleeding."

The end result that ultimately healed Mayer was Botox, which was used to paralyze his vocal cords, making the musician silent for weeks at a time.

He said he went through “contiguously three, maybe four months of not saying a word," adding, "The endurance was tough for me, but I started a new life. It's hard to believe that I'm healed, but just to make sure, I keep going back every two weeks for a look, and it's the same-if not better."

Huffington Post reports that Mayer will go on 40-city tour soon.



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