John Stamos working with the Black Keys

By Glen Medoro,
Uncle Jessie to appear on the Keys' new album

Recently, the drummer of the Black Keys, Patrick Carney, was in a Twitter brawl with many Beliebers, but throughout that, one famous person reached out to the drummer and complimented him.

Stamos tweeted, "i love your drumming, love the black keys, love your HONESTY. you're an inspiration to this ex teen idol. thanks man," to Carney on February 16, and Pat responded three days later saying, "thank you sir! One day could you explain exactly how the house in full house was architecturally possible? I can't figure it out."

Stamos apparently loves the Black Keys so much that he will be doing a bit of drumming on their new album, which is slated to be finished recording this month.

According to Perez Hilton, Carney recently said, "We're working with John Stamos. He's actually performing the drums on our album."

The Black Keys just won three more Grammys on February 10 to add on to their overall total of six. Just when you think Dan and Patrick can't get any cooler, they collaborate with Stamos.

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