Joss Stone murder plot trial begins, pair planned to behead singer

By Daniel S Levine,

Two men from Manchester, U.K. were in court Monday, accused by police of plotting to murder soul singer Joss Stone by decapitating her and throwing her body in a river.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool were arrested by police back in June 2011, reports The Huffington Post. They were on their way to Stone’s house, but neighbors noticed them approaching. Thankfully, they were arrested before they made it to her house.

In their car, they had a samurai sword, knives, a hammer, gloves and black bags. Prosecutors say they were members of a gang that wanted Stone dead, but they were not able to arrest other members.

The Sun reports that prosecutors told the court about threatening notes they discovered. In the notes, they called the 25-year-old singer the “she-devil in the flesh.” Others read, “Jocelyn RIP,” “find river to dump her" and had anti-Royal family messages. That has led prosecutors to believe that the men targeted Stone because of her links to the Royal family, since she has performed at events for William and Kate and was invited to their wedding.

Liverpool and Bradshaw have denied the charges. E! News reports that the two are being charged with conspiracy to rob and murder.

Stone’s latest album release is 2012’s The Soul Sessions, Vol. 2.



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