Judge calls Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer incompetent, denies motion to dismiss

By Daniel S Levine,

Lindsay Lohan is headed to trial. A judge denied lawyer Mark Heller’s motion to dismiss her charges for lying to police and called him incompetent in a court hearing in Los Angeles today. Lohan did not have to attend, but she will have to be there when the trial starts on March 18.

Today’s hearing was Judge James R. Dabney’s first time on the Lohan case, taking over for judge Stephanie Sautner. Dabney started the hearing off by calling Heller incompetent and suggesting that he shouldn’t even be allowed to practice law in California, notes Perez Hilton. He suggested that Lohan needs a new lawyer, one who is more accustomed to California law.

This was all likely a reference to Heller’s completely botched attempt to get the case dismissed.

TMZ reports that when Heller again tried to get the case dismissed (and even trying to pass blame on another lawyer), Dabney wouldn’t even pay attention. The site also noted that Heller's California sponsor didn't show up.

Prosecutor Terry White said he was ready to take the case to trial. Lohan is charged with lying to cops about not being behind the wheel during her June 2012 car crash.

TMZ also noted that there was no mention of the plea deal that was reported on this week that would have avoided a trial and sent Lohan to rehab. Both sides couldn’t agree on a punishment and Lohan doesn’t want to admit to any wrongdoing.



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