Judge calls Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer Mark Heller incompetent

By Gavriella Tjandra,

L.A. Superior Court Judge Jim Dabney called Lindsay Lohan's new attorney, Mark Heller, to be too incompetent to represent the actress in her criminal cases.

Dabney advised Lohan to get another lawyer who knows about California law, otherwise the Liz & Dick actress will have to say goodbye to her rights for a competent attorney, as TMZ reported.

The judge questioned Heller's ability in handling the case. He also said that Heller messed up the legal documents by not following California law, therefore the motion to dismiss the case was denied.

Furthermore, Heller's California sponsor, Lindsay Berger Sacks, was not present in the court hearing today, but that didn't really matter according to the judge, because she hasn't been practicing law for more than 10 years.

New York-based Heller responded by saying that he does not believe the judge called him incompetent, but merely pointed out that things are different in California than in New York.

"Having become a lawyer over 44 years ago, I certainly know the important issues," Heller said.

Judge Dabney was not the only one calling him incompetent.

Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, called Heller "a terrible attorney", where the lawyer calmly responded, "I wish Michael Lohan the best."

Lindsay Lohan chose Mark Heller over her distinguished, trusted attorney Shawn Holley in January, New York Post reported.

She fired Holley, who had been keeping her out of jail for years, and picked Heller, whose practicing license was once suspended back in 1990s.



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