Judge labels Lindsay Lohan's lawyer as incompetent

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The judge says Lohan needs to dump Heller, or she'll waive her right to "competent" counsel.

Lindsay Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller made another spectacle out of his client’s defense in his latest appearance Friday in Los Angeles.

Lohan did not make it to Friday's court appearance as she did previously in which she chronicled a massive effort of respect for the court to make it in time. Although she was not required to be there today, Heller had previously told the court that she’d be there.

According to several reports, L.A. Superior Court Judge James Dabney labeled Heller as incompetent when it comes to California law after he made several misplaced arguments about the actress’ Miranda rights. Heller is only licensed in New York. Dabney told the defense that they would be better advised to bring in another local lawyers with better knowledge of California statute.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the judge gave a warning that if Lohan stays with Heller as her main attorney, she will be waiving her right to “competent” counsel.

ABC News Reports, the judge denied delaying the trial to Heller’s requested date of April 1 and kept it at March 18 because of a holiday court closure. Heller wise cracked the judge saying he didn’t know April Fool’s was a holiday, to which the judge explained it was Cesar Chavez Day in California.

Heller tried to make his case for the delay because he said Lohan needed time for “intensive psychotherapy” and public service which included “inspirational talks” to children about bad habits, according to Gawker.

What do you think? A game of gimmicks from Lohan's council?



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