Justin Bieber not fined for late arrival in London performance

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Justin Bieber’s late arrival at Monday’s London O2 concert will not cost him a thing.

The 19-year-old’s late arrival caused the concert to go past curfew, which would have caused the star to be fined. A spokesperson for the Greenwich council released a statement to Huffington Post following Bieber’s tardiness saying, “The Royal Borough of Greenwich has not taken any action against the owners of The O2 in relation to Justin Bieber’s recent performance, as no breach of our licensing conditions took place.”

Continuing, the statement adds, “It is simply a contractual issue between AEG and the artist involved, as there is no requirement for performances to finish by 11pm."

The statement concludes, "We take any complaints made in relation to the venue very seriously, but it is an urban myth to suggest that we have ever levied a fine in relation to a performance there.”

According to E! News, if Bieber was hit with a fine it could total up to $450,000.

Bieber fans were outraged when the “Boyfriend” singer arrived nearly two hours late for his set, many fans left early as they had to go to school the next morning. Fans who stayed around to wait for the singer booed him once he finally took the stage.



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