Justin Bieber's gas mask was simply a 'joke,' says a source

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Justin Bieber showed off some odd behavior during his week in London, but nothing has people talking more than when the 19-year-old singer walked the streets of London wearing a gas mask. Now, a source is stating that the idea behind the gas mask is simply a “joke” that paparazzi are taking “too seriously.”

The gas mask Justin has been wearing around London is a joke between his friends, but people are starting to take it seriously," a source close to the “Baby” singer explains to Us Weekly. “Justin's close friend Julian Keyz (a young songwriter/producer also known as Julkeys) also wears it to pretend he's Justin and throw people off as they're the same height."

Continuing the source notes,"All his friends take turns wearing it as a joke to throw off the paparazzi," the source continued. "It's not a serious thing, they're just having fun around London with it."

Bieber turned heads when he was first spotted wearing the gas mask, with many assuming it was simply a joke. As Us Weekly notes, Bieber is one to take on a dare and his wearing of the gas mask could have been just another joke to the teen or him simply taking on another dare.

image: INFDaily



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