Kate Gosselin plans to sue ex-husband for giving hard drive with private information to tell-all author

By Markirah Shaw,

Reality TV star Kate Gosselin is claiming that her ex-husband and the father of her eight children, Jon, gave her private journals to author Robert Hoffman to write a scathing tell-all book.

Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World was written by Robert Hoffman - a close friend of Jon’s – who said that he found the hard drive with the incriminating private journals and documents in Gosselin’s trashcan.

The e-book went up on Amazon in October 2012, but Gosselin pulled together a team of lawyers and had the tell-all removed a mere two days after it went on sale on the grounds that there was confidential information in the book.

Gosselin is now fighting a resurgent, doubled effort by Hoffman, who in January told Huffpost Celebrity, “The book is almost finished going through the re-editing process and will be released in hardcover as well as ebook format.” The tell-all is reportedly still very critical.

In this new battle, Gosselin has changed her tactics. Instead of gunning for the book, she is assembling a lawsuit against her ex-husband who she suspects gave the hard drive to Hoffman - an allegation that refutes Hoffman’s previous claim that he found the information discarded in the trash.

An anonymous source gushed to Radar Online about Gosselin’s efforts, saying, “It’s not like Kate just wants to sue Jon to make sure the book never goes public again, she wants to see Jon in jail!” The lawsuit would also take away Jon’s right to see his children.

Gosselin is still “shopping around” for a firm that will take her case. She doesn’t yet have enough evidence or witnesses to support her claims, but Jon is aware of her impending lawsuit.



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