Katie Price accuses Victoria Beckham of lying about her parenting skills, suggests she may have a secret nanny

By Markirah Shaw,

Glamour model Katie Price believes that Victoria Beckham has more help raising her four children than she lets on, suggesting that there is a nanny hiding just out of frame in photos of the idyllic family.

Beckham has been praised for years for her incredibly hands-on parenting style. She described her busy schedule in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, how she rises at 6 a.m. and does a half-hour beauty regimen while simultaneously feeding her four children and checking emails.

She and David then drive their three boys to three different schools before Beckham goes to a full day of work at her fashion studio until 4 p.m. Afterwards, she rockets around at home, fixing dinner and taking the kids to after school activities before finally going to bed at midnight.

The hard work apparently paid off. Earlier this month, Marie Claire UK announced the results of a poll they did asking which celebrity couple was the best parenting role model. Forty-six percent of British citizens voted for David and Victoria Beckham. The soccer star and former Spice Girl won out over Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. Beyoncé and Jay-Z came in third place.

However, Price is one person who is not mesmerized by the supermom fashion icon. According to The Sun, Price said, “You never see Victoria looking anything less than immaculate and there is no way you can achieve that, day in day out, without help if you’re a working mum with four kids.”

Price herself is a mother of three who is expecting a fourth later this year. She openly admitted that she has a nanny but even then, her morning routine is hectic. Price urged Beckham to be more honest “for the sake of other working mums” who may get the wrong impression from the fashion designer’s Wonder Woman persona and seemingly perfect lifestyle.



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