Katy Perry and John Mayer Split: What went wrong?

By April Chieffo,

Rumor has it Katy Perry and John Mayer have called it quits. Despite looking in love at the Grammy Awards last month, and despite Perry tweeting about her “perfect Saturday” spent with Mayer at a kitten shelter on March 2, multiple reports confirm they’ve gone their separate ways.

Though Mayer and Perry haven’t spoken out about the reported split, Perry’s tweets seem to confirm breakup rumors. She has been tweeting breakup songs by Daughter and Tristan Prettyman, which seem to be sending a clear message about how she’s feeling.

At the same time split rumors swirled, Perry also tweeted, “ATTENTION: Mercury is OUT of retrograde today. Thank GOD.”

What went wrong in Katy and John’s relationship? Only Katy and John will ever know for sure. New reports claim, however, that Mayer didn’t have good intentions from the start. A report by People Magazine claims that Mayer, a notorious womanizer, was “using” the “Part of Me” singer.

"He's very defensive and comes across as extremely jealous of her career," a friend of Perry told People. "He's basically using Katy, who fits into his plan to stay in the spotlight right now."

Although Mayer has been romantically linked to many famous women in the past like Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston, the new claims seem to contradict what Mayer said about his and Katy’s relationship. He said he was enjoying the fact that it was much more of a low-profile, average relationship compared to his past A-list relationships.

"For the first time in my life I don't feel like I'm in a celebrity relationship,” he said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning last month, according to Zap 2 It. I really don't…I'm glad. But I know what you're saying. I'm not denying it. I'm saying that for me it feels like something that's very human."

According to Us Weekly, instead of painting Mayer as the villain, it was simply “too much too soon.” According to the report, however, Mayer and Perry, who split up once before, may not be over for good.

"They've broken up before so it's hard to tell," said a source for the magazine. "She's changed a lot since she's been with him . . . [you] can't argue that she has been in love."

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