Ke$ha wears floral lingerie to host Pure Nightclub anniversary party

By Sarah McClanahan,

Ke$ha was dressed in her usual eccentric fashion when she hosted Pure Nightclub’s 8th anniversary celebration, in Las Vegas Tuesday, March 12.

In her scandalous first music video, Ke$ha made it clear to the world that she neither dressed nor acted conservatively. Her March 12 appearance to host and sing at Pure Nightclub within Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas was no exception.

For Pure's 8th anniversary party, she dazzled the crowd in black lingerie decorated with flowers and a matching floral sweater and headpiece, reports Daily Mail.

A few weeks ago on March 1, Ke$ha celebrated her own birthday in a very unique way. The 26-year-old singer took to Twitter and posted various pictures of her big day, including a crab inside a sandal on the beach, a waffle topped with sprinkles, and a man’s butt.

The next day, she commented on how pleased she was with the festivities.

“A man spit chicken on my friends leg and I saw a sperm whale. Birthday success,” she wrote.



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