Kelly Osbourne compares her life to an episode of ‘House’

By Sarah McClanahan,

After Kelly Osbourne had a seizure on Thursday while filming for E!’s ‘Fashion Police,’ doctors were at a loss to discover a cause for the ailment.

Kelly took to Twitter on Sunday to voice her opinion, likening the days since her seizure scare to an episode of House because of her struggle to live and the roller-coaster of emotions plaguing those close to her.

Despite our recent reports that Osbourne’s seizure could be a sign of epilepsy or an allergic reaction, according to ABC, more tests are necessary because no diagnosis has been confirmed up to this point.

On Monday’s episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne commented on her daughter’s condition, reports ET Online.

“Kelly is doing fine,” Sharon said, admitting that it was a stroke of luck that Kelly had her seizure while filming so they could show the neurologist the footage. “Kelly has asked me to thank everyone for sending their love to her and [those who] have reached out to her ... We all believe in the power of positive thinking and sending good vibes.”

Sharon will be picking up her daughter from the hospital later today.

Image: Tumblr



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