Kristin Cavallari felt ‘used’ on ‘The Hills’

By Christopher Rosa,

Former Laguna Beach and The Hills star Kristin Cavallari sat down with Giuliana Rancic for an E! special, tracking the celebrity’s rise to fame. Cavallari told Rancic she led a double life throughout her entire time on reality television.

US Weekly reported Cavallari’s comments about her time on the two MTV reality shows.

"I had two lives," says Cavallari, "I had the public Kristin and then I had the real me.”

Cavallari, 26, is now engaged to Jay Cutler and is a mom to their son Camden, 7. However, ten years ago, she was getting her start on Laguna Beach.

According to Perez Hilton, Cavallari and her Laguna Beach costars were unaware of the pitfalls of reality television.

Cavallari says, “I was 16 when they first came. We were babies and we didn't know what we were signing up for. They literally came in and just manipulated situations.”

However, the most extreme manipulation came during Cavallari’s time as the protagonist on The Hills . According to Cavallari, her Hills costars were bribed to lie on camera about her alleged drug use, US Weekly reports.

One producer attempted, and failed, to bribe costars with $10,000 Birkin bags to exaggerate Cavallari’s drug problem on screen.

"I felt so used," says Cavallari, who denies any battle with substance abuse. "And I realized at that moment that I didn't matter. None of us mattered. It was all about ratings."



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