Lady Gaga's 10 most outrageous outfits

By April Chieffo,

Lady Gaga has had many wild fashion moments. She has left many people scratching their heads at times asking, “what is she thinking?” No doubt there are many more wild outfits to mention, and there will be many more to mention in the future. But at this point, these are Lady Gaga's ten most outrageous outfits:

10) Bubble dress
Ini Seni apa Porno? #LadyGaga @FPIYeah on Twitpic

Lady Gaga wore the bubble dress on tour promoting her debut album, The Fame. The dress wasn’t made of real bubbles. Instead, the dress was made of plastic balls.

In 2009, she told MTV it was inspired by a look she saw at Hussein Chalayan’s 2007 fashion show. She couldn’t afford the actual look at the time, so she had it re-created for her shows.

9) Kermit head dress

Photo: YouTube

Lady Gaga wore an outfit made of Kermit the Frog heads for a German TV interview in 2009.


Lady Gaga wore this outfit while on her way to a radio interview in New York in 2011.

ليدي قاقا ستحيي حفلا غنائيا بمانشستر يوم الثلاثاء ١١/٩/٢٠١٢ و... on Twitpic

Lady Gaga wore this outfit to the 2009 Video Music Awards. It was one of three outfits she wore that night.

I don't even know where to start on this picture, help m... on Twitpic

Lady Gaga wore this outfit as she accepted Best New Artist at the 2009 Video Music Awards.


In 2012, Lady Gaga stepped out in Paris wearing this odd pink and blue dress after paparazzi slammed her alleged weight gain. Gaga donned the dress as a sarcastic 'In your face' to photogs.

4) Jo Calderone
#JoCalderone @ladygaga.. PERFECT!! *_* on Twitpic
At the 2011 MTV VMAs, Lady Gaga dressed as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone. She stayed in character the entire night. Gaga played Calderone in her “You and I” video.

3) The Egg

Lady Gaga made headlines when she arrived to the 2011 Grammy Awards incubating in a giant egg. It was all part of her performance, though, as she opened the show with “Born This Way” that year.

2) Lady Gaga dresses normal

Lady Gaga surprised everyone when she started to tone down her outrageous outfits. Recently she has been choosing glamour and fashion over shock value.

1) The Meat Dress

Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress, made from real meat, remains one of her most outrageous and infamous outfits.

Photos courtesy of INF Daily and Twitpic



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