Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe cleared of fan’s death by Czech court

By Daniel S Levine,

Randy Blythe, the frontman for Virginia-based metal band Lamb of God, was acquitted of causing a fan’s death at a Prague concert back in 2010.

Blythe was arrested last year, when the band returned to the Czech Republic for another gig. During the 2010 incident, a fan had to be removed from the stage and a video appeared to show Blythe and a guard pushing the man offstage. The fan died 14 days later of a cerebral hemorrhage.

According to The Associated Press, Blythe was back in court today and was acquitted. He faced up to five years in prison and prosecutors said they will appeal the ruling.

Metal Underground reports that Blythe did speak to the court. Czech publication Novinky.cz notes that Blythe thanked the fan’s family for “not attacking me in the press and for their kind words to me in this court.”

Blythe continued, “I am very sorry for their loss. Daniel was a fan of my band. I had no wish to harm him. He was just a boy and I wish he was still here.”

He added that the group will make sure that no incident like this happens again. “I have searched for an answer to this situation. The only one I can find is that it was a tragic, horrible accident,” he said.



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