Less sleep leads to weight gain

By Deana DeLisio,

Losing sleep is worse than we originally thought.

A new study from the University of Colorado has shown that losing a couple of hours of sleep in a few consecutive nights can lead to a significant amount of weight gain, The New York Times reports.

Children who sleep less than ten hours per night and adults who sleep less than five or six hours per night are both prone to weight gain.

Getting fewer hours of sleep speeds up metabolisms, yet it simultaneously leads to overeating, notes Slate.

The study showed that those who didn’t sleep as much gained at least two pounds after the first week.

“We found that when people weren’t getting enough sleep they overate carbohydrates,” said Kenneth Wright, director of the university’s sleep and chronobiology laboratory. “They ate more food, and when they ate food also changes. They ate a smaller breakfast and they ate a lot more after dinner.”

After the study was conducted, the participants were given more time to sleep and in turn, immediately started eating healthier.



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