Lil Twist wrecks Justin Bieber's car and flees

By Gavriella Tjandra,

Lil' Twist wrecked Justin Bieber's ultra expensive Fisker Karma, again, but this time he chose to flee.

The rapper reportedly drove the pop star's car to a San Fernando Valley liquor store last Tuesday, when he crashed into cement poles in the store's parking lot, TMZ reports. He damaged the front-end of the vehicle and the poles badly.

According to a source, either Lil' Twist or the only passenger in the car tells an eyewitness, "Do you know whose car this is? It's Justin Bieber's car."

A few minutes later, a BMW arrived at the scene, and the driver told Lil' Twist and the passenger to pick up every fallen piece of the car and put them in the BMW.

Once they were done, they took off in the BMW, leaving Bieber's car behind.

Lil' Twist committed a crime here, because neither he nor the passenger exchanged information with the victim (in this case, the store's owner), after the accident.

The owner of the car is reportedly treated in a London hospital, after collapsing at his concert, E! News reported.

Nearing the end of his concert, Bieber told the audience that he was not feeling well and was going to check things out backstage.

After receiving oxygen treatment, Bieber returned to the stage and finished his remaining four songs.



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