Lil Wayne not near death; rapper and business partner slam reports from TMZ

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Fans of Lil’ Wayne were fearful of the worst on Friday evening when TMZ published a false report stating that the rapper was in critical condition following another seizure.

TMZ had all but pronounced Wayne dead when they reported that he was in a medically induced coma, writing that his mother was on the way to the hospital to make further decisions regarding life support. The site noted that this seizure was likely a response to a heavy dose of codeine to his system, which Wayne is known to have abused in the past.

Wayne did in fact suffer a seizure Tuesday but was released from the hospital following the incident.

In contrast to TMZ’s account, People reported that Wayne’s business partner Mack Maine denied, point-blank, that the rapper was or is in critical conditional. Maine took to Twitter to slam the speculations:

He later followed with a simple, “#F***TMZ.”

Wayne also took to Twitter during the time he was in the alleged coma, writing,

A rep for the Grammy award-winning musician also noted that Wayne is fine, but he did explain why the gossip site would release false reports that Wayne’s life was in danger.



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