Lindsay Lohan and Shamwow guy’s ‘InAPPropriate Comedy’ is ‘Oogieloves’-level disaster at box office

By Daniel S Levine,

How did we miss this when we reported on this weekend’s box office results? The Lindsay Lohan-starring InAPPropriate Comedy opened in theaters this weekend and was a flop on the level of The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the film, directed by Vince Offer - who we all know better as the ShamWow! guy - opened at 275 theaters and earned $172,000. That’s just a $625 per-location average.

By comparison, when Spring Breakers had its limited release two weeks ago, the film averaged $270,000 from just three locations, for a total of $90,000.

It’s better to compare InAPPropriate Comedy to Oogieloves, which opened to just $448,131 per location over Labor Day weekend. It opened at 2,160 locations and averaged $207, so InAPPropriate Comedy did better than something.

The trailer for the film was released back in January. It also stars Adrien Brody (who has an Oscar), Michelle Rodriguez and Rob Schneider.

Here’s the trailer:



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