Lindsay Lohan caused 'Anger Management' production to run 'several hours' late due to tardiness on second day of shooting

By Gina DiFalco,

Following reports that Lindsay Lohan was doing really well on the set of Charlie Sheen’s FX show Anger Management, the actress is being reported as late for the second day of shooting.

The shooting scheduled had to be put on pause as they waited for the Liz and Dick actress to arrive, sources say.

Set source told Perez Hilton that Lohan was a couple hours late, causing the entire day to be thrown off.

"She is delaying shooting big time," a source also told E! News, saying she was "several hours" late the second day.

However, both sources say when she did finally arrive and start to film, she really delivered. Lohan, 26, who will soon undergoing court-mandated rehab, shot scenes in a cheerleader outfit. She even shot the first scene that she meets Sheen’s character.

On the first day of shooting, which was Monday, Lohan reportedly "hit all her marks,” which made "Charlie and the entire crew were happy."



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