Lindsay Lohan may be facing jail time

By Briana Luca,

Things are not looking up for Lindsay Lohan.

Last week, LiLo agreed to spend 90 days in rehab to avoid jail time when she sat in court for a misdemeanor car crash, reports the LA Times.

There is reportedly no rehab center in New York or anywhere in the United States that will hold a person against their will unless they are a danger to themselves or others--Lohan does not fall into that category, according to >The Huffington Post.

Sources are saying that Lohan’s past rehab stints did not work well for her, so it’s possible a typical program won’t be able to keep the actress on track.

Lohan also got off scott-free for assaulting a woman in a New York night club. The charge could have made things worst as it would have been a violation of her probation.

Despite the odds against her, Lindsay was spotted in two California night clubs over the weekend, according to US Weekly.

Partying, jail time, rehab, car crashes -- nothing seems to be able to touch Lindsay Lohan.



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